NVIDIA CloudXR Suite

Streaming for extended reality.

The NVIDIA CloudXR™ Suite—combined with the power of NVIDIA RTX™ GPUs and NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstation (vWS)—enables XR applications to stream high-fidelity extended reality (XR) to Android and iOS devices over performant networks. By dynamically adjusting to network conditions, CloudXR maximizes image quality and frame rates to power next-level, wireless AR and VR experiences.

CloudXR Components

CloudXR Essentials

This core component provides the underlying streaming layer, complete with new improvements such as L4S optimizations, QoS algorithms, and enhanced logging tools. 

CloudXR Server Extension

The Server component includes an expanded set of server-side interfaces, including current OpenVR and OpenXR industry standards, and a new high-performance native interface. These new APIs enable the scaling of XR distribution for MDM partners.

CloudXR Client Extension

This universal client—a Unity plug-in for CloudXR— is for Android-based HMDs. It allows developers to build custom CloudXR client apps with Unity development tools. 

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NVIDIA Makes Extended-Reality Streaming More Scalable, Customizable for Enterprises and Developers

Using the CloudXR Suite, creative and technical professionals can experience high-fidelity, immersive virtual experiences on mobile XR devices from anywhere — with comparable performance to tethered VR experiences.

Image courtesy of Brockman Hall for Opera, courtesy of Agile Lens and Fisher Dachs Associates

NVIDIA and VMware Make Enterprise-Grade XR Streaming Simple

Available now, VMware Workspace ONE XR Hub includes integration with CloudXR, allowing teams to customize and access high-quality XR experiences from any location.

Image courtesy of Autodesk

Dialed Into 5G: CloudXR Release Enhances Flexibility and Scalability for XR Deployment

CloudXR 4.0 introduces new APIs that deliver enhanced flexibility for server and client application development. Developers now have the option to use the cloud, 5G MEC and on-premises servers as the distribution points for XR experiences.

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Reimagine Augmented and Virtual Realities With CloudXR

Drive powerful VR and AR over high-performance networks.

Drive powerful VR and AR over high-performance networks.

CloudXR breaks the confines of traditional VR and AR, delivering streaming of XR content to untethered devices with a level of fidelity that’s indistinguishable from native tethered configurations. CloudXR lets you leverage NVIDIA RTX-powered servers with GPU virtualization software to stream stunning VR/AR experiences from any OpenVR application. This means you can run the most complex VR and AR experiences from a remote server across 5G and wifi networks to any device, while embracing the freedom to move—no wires, no limits.

Experience uncompromising performance and mobility.

Experience uncompromising performance and mobility.

To access the rendering power needed to drive the richest immersive environments, current professional VR/AR solutions require a physical tether to a high-performance computer. NVIDIA RTX GPUs powering CloudXR encode and stream the visuals to a thin Windows or Android client device. By dynamically adjusting to network conditions, CloudXR maximizes image quality and frame rates while minimizing effective latency and stuttering.

Stream from the edge.

Stream AR, VR, and XR from the edge.

The next generation of mobile networks offers ultra-low latencies that'll expand the world of AR and VR. Running servers powered by RTX technology on the edge with CloudXR yields remarkable performance for streaming graphics. By utilizing the high bandwidth and low latency of 5G networks, you can stream expansive VR and AR experiences to professional users at the edge.

Enjoy telco-grade manageability, security, and multi-tenancy.

Enjoy telco-grade manageability, security, and multi-tenancy.

CloudXR combines the performance of the NVIDIA EGX™ platform with NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstation (vWS) software to securely enable multi-tenant deployments—a common requirement among telecommunications and service providers. GPU virtualization also allows multiple virtual machines to access a GPU when the workload is lighter, optimizing for user density and operating costs. Manageability is streamlined with support for both VMware and Red Hat virtualization platforms and supporting management tools. 

Merge hardware and software with a revolutionary devkit.

Merge hardware and software with a revolutionary devkit.

Driving virtualized XR experiences from the edge requires expertise across cloud orchestration, visual computing and AI, virtualization, 5G network operations, and more. Visualization is streamlined at the edge with the NVIDIA EGX Platform CloudXR 5G MEC DevKit, a full stack hardware and software solution powered by NVIDIA. Supported by NVIDIA-certified systems, the DevKit combines NVIDIA RTX GPUs with RTX vWS software, the CloudXR SDK, and third-party applications, so developers can run VR, AR, and virtual GPU experiments across 5G and Wi-Fi networks.

Deploy scalable XR apps with Project Aurora’s white-glove ecosystem.

Deploy scalable XR apps with Project Aurora’s full-stack, white-glove ecosystem.

Project Aurora simplifies deployment of on-premises XR applications at lab or enterprise scale. Customers are supported by a flexible ecosystem of OEMs, value-added resellers, software integration, and distribution partners to create and deliver custom, certified builds. With the collaboration of NVIDIA Professional Services, the delivery, set up, and start up of these builds is fully managed for the customer. 

See CloudXR in Action

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  • Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Operation
  • Media & Entertainment

Autodesk VRED

Rendered in Autodesk VRED, streamed over 5G


ESI Group’s IC.IDO collaborative VR environment


Why SAP uses Innoactive Creator and Portal

Luxion KeyVR

One Click from Luxion’s KeyShot to KeyVR streaming AR

Theia Interactive

Image courtesy of Theia Interactive.

Immersive AEC models with Theia Interactive.

Masterpiece VR

Streaming immersive 3D design and character creation

Dreamscape Immersive

Image courtesy of Dreamscape Interactive.

An immersive experience stream with NVIDIA CloudXR.


Actors Theatre of Louisville’s Lab Production of A Christmas Carol: Scrooge’s Ghost Encounter Live in VR

NVIDIA Partners Working With CloudXR

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Learn About CloudXR Resources

Learn how NVIDIA’s ecosystem has deployed CloudXR to solve real-world problems.

Customer story: Lake|Flato

Customer story: Lake|Flato

Lake|Flato was able to break away from the traditional limitations of VR workflows with CloudXR streaming. Through Innoactive’s orchestration platform and CloudXR, the team experienced many benefits, including untethered workflows and increased VR accessibility.

CloudXR solution brief

CloudXR Solution Brief

CloudXR users experience enhanced visual fidelity delivered by NVIDIA’s RTX GPUs while enjoying the freedom and mobility of untethered AR and VR devices.

Case study: Hyperbat

Case study: Hyperbat

With the help of NVIDIA technology, Hyperbat is innovating the electric vehicle battery design process using 5G, VR, and edge computing. Learn more through this ecosystem case study.

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