NVIDIA Spectrum-X Networking Platform

Designed to accelerate AI performance and power efficiency 1.7X over traditional Ethernet.

The World’s First Ethernet Networking Platform for AI

Easily provision and manage powerful AI applications with the NVIDIA Spectrum-X™ networking platform. Powered by the tight coupling of the NVIDIA Spectrum™-4 Ethernet switch and the NVIDIA® BlueField®-3 data processing unit (DPU), Spectrum-X delivers the highest performance for AI, machine learning, and natural language processing, as well as diverse industry applications.

Networking for the Era of AI: The Network Defines the Data Center

Key Features and Benefits

Spectrum-X is a revolutionary solution for building multi-tenant, hyperscale AI clouds with Ethernet. With it, organizations can significantly improve the performance and power efficiency of AI clouds and gain higher predictability and consistency, resulting in faster time to market and a greater competitive edge.

Nearly Perfect Bandwidth at Scale

Extremely Low Latency

End-to-End Stack Optimization

Advanced RoCE Extensions for Scalable AI Communications

Deterministic Performance and Performance Isolation

Open Network Operating System: SONiC and Cumulus

Improved AI Cloud Performance

NVIDIA Spectrum-X enhances performance and power efficiency by 1.7X, accelerating the processing, analysis, and execution of AI workloads and, in turn, the development and deployment of AI solutions.

Adaptive Routing Performance

Accelerated Ethernet for Hyperscale

Powered by NVIDIA networking innovations, Spectrum-X is fully standards-based Ethernet with support for open Ethernet stacks (SONiC) at cloud scale.

Full-Stack Optimization

Spectrum-X is tuned and validated across the full stack of NVIDIA hardware and software, creating an unmatched Ethernet solution for AI clouds. 

NVIDIA Spectrum-4

The NVIDIA Spectrum SN5000 series switches are the fifth generation of  Spectrum Ethernet switches, purpose-built to accelerate hyperscale generative AI fabrics. With port speeds reaching up to 800 gigabits per second (Gb/s), SN5000 switches deliver accelerated Ethernet for every data center without compromising between performance and features.

NVIDIA BlueField-3

The NVIDIA BlueField-3 DPU is a 400Gb/s infrastructure compute platform with line-rate processing of software-defined networking, storage, and cybersecurity. BlueField-3 combines powerful computing, high-speed networking, and extensive programmability to deliver software-defined, hardware-accelerated solutions for the most demanding workloads. 

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