Create with Marbles: Marvelous Machines

Thank you to those who participated in #CreateWithMarbles: Marvelous Machines. Stay tuned for future contests.


Design your own epic contraption using a collection of new Marbles RTX assets in Omniverse Create, an advanced scene composition app on NVIDIA Omniverse. Then, in path-traced or ray-traced mode, light and render your scene, add a marble, and let it roll through your machine with Omniverse Physics. Submit your video for a chance to win a top-of-the-line RTX-enabled GPU.

The contest is now closed. Explore all of the contest entries in the NVIDIA Omniverse Gallery.

See official rules.  

Winners’ Circle

1st Place - Antonio Covelo


2nd Place - Alexey Druzhkov


3rd Place - Usama Ghufran


Honorable Mentions

Win the Latest Gpus

1st Place


The world's most powerful professional visual computing GPU for desktop workstations.

2nd Place

GeForce RTX 3090

The big, ferocious GPU (BFGPU) with TITAN class performance powering ultra-accelerated creative workflows.

3rd Place

GeForce RTX 3080

Delivering extreme performance that designers and creators crave.

Behind the Challenge

We asked contestants around the world to design an epic contraption using the Marbles RTX assets in Omniverse Create, an advanced scene composition app on NVIDIA Omniverse™. Then, in path-traced or ray-traced mode, light, render a scene, add a marble, and let it roll through the machine with Omniverse Physics. All for a chance to win a top-of-the-line RTX-enabled GPU.

The contest is over, but the challenge remains - try your hand following the steps below and prepare for the next contest.  

Install Omniverse Create


Download Omniverse

Download Marbles assets


Load Marbles Content

Download the new #CreateWithMarbles Marvelous Machines assets.

Watch this tutorial for tips and tricks


Build Your Machine

Assemble your machine, dress the set, enable physics, light and render your final video in Omniverse Create.

Watch this tutorial for tips and tricks.

Share your Marvelous Machines



Share your final render by tagging @NVIDIAOmniverse with #CreateWithMarbles.

Get Rolling

Here is only the beginning of what you could make with the new marbles assets. We want you to take it to the next level - build your most epic, creative machine!

A Special Thanks for Our Judges

Gavriil Klimov, Senior Art Director, NVIDIA

Gavriil Klimov

Senior Art Director


Michelle Lu, Director of Simulation Technology, NVIDIA

Michelle Lu

Director of Simulation Technology


Masha Shugrina, Senior Research Scientist, NVIDIA

Masha Shugrina

Senior Research Scientist


Dennis Gustafsson, Founder & Indie Developer, Tuxedo Labs

Dennis Gustafsson

Founder & Indie Developer

Tuxedo Labs

Liila Torabi, Senior Product Manager, Isaac Sim, NVIDIA

Liila Torabi

Senior Product Manager, Isaac Sim


Fred Hooper, Senior Visual Effects Artist, NVIDIA

Fred Hooper

Senior Visual Effects Artist


Sergiy Migdalskiy, Lead Software Engineer, Valve Corporation

Sergiy Migdalskiy

Lead Software Engineer

Valve Corporation

Wendy Pham, Lighter / Compositor, DreamWorks Animation

Wendy Pham

Lighter / Compositor

DreamWorks Animation

Have Questions?

Chat with our expert Omnivores in the Omniverse Contest forum or our Discord server.

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  • Who can participate in #CreateWithMarbles contests?

    Anyone in the eligible countries - found here - can enter! This is a contest meant for creators of any level and is meant to introduce you to the features of Omniverse Create. No prior experience or knowledge is necessary.

  • What do I need in order to participate?

    The second edition of #CreateWithMarbles requires downloading and installing Omniverse Open Beta and Omniverse Create. Please note, a GeForce RTX or NVIDIA RTX card are minimum requirements for rendering in Omniverse Create.

    The contest assets are premade for you, download them here.

  • What do I need to include in my submission?

    Your submission should include: your final rendered video (1 minute maximum edited video, in .mp4 format), your full, final USD scene (so we can test your marble-ous machine), and one beauty shot still image that best shows off your work. Any behind-the-scenes videos are welcomed but not mandatory.

  • How will submissions be judged?

    Your submission will be judged on:

    • Overall originality
    • Creative use of the assets and how your marbles move through your machine
    • Creativity of the entire scene and set dressing
    • Quality of the final render
    • Adherence to the submission guidelines
  • How do I find out if I won?

    Our team will reach out to you via email to let you know if you have won, and we will also post on social media.

    Keep an eye out!

  • Where can I go for help or assistance?

    Our experts are available to you on the Omniverse Forums. Check out the dedicated contest forum or Discord server for help from Omniverse engineers or our creative community. You can also check out this playlist for resources on all-things marbles!

  • How can I learn about new contests?

    Sign up to be notified about future Omniverse contests here.

  • What is NVIDIA Omniverse?

    NVIDIA Omniverse is an open platform built for virtual collaboration and real-time physically accurate simulation. Complex creator, designer, and engineering visual workflows are transformed as users and teams connect major design tools, assets, and projects for collaborative iteration in a shared virtual space.

    NVIDIA Omniverse is free for individuals, and is currently in open beta.