AI-Powered Medical Devices

Expand Healthcare Possibilities With Next-Generation Medical Devices

AI-powered medical devices can help clinicians detect and measure anomalies, up-level surgical skills, enhance image quality, and optimize workflows. With NVIDIA’s industry-specific, full-stack platform, developers and data scientists can quickly integrate AI into their next-generation devices, supporting healthcare professionals and researchers everywhere.

Bringing AI and Real-Time Sensing to Medical Devices

By enabling medical devices with AI, healthcare professionals are given better decision-making tools to deliver care in robot-assisted surgery, interventional radiology, radiation therapy planning, and more.

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Bring Next-Generation Medical Devices to Market Faster

From training AI models and building medical AI applications to conducting preproduction verification and deploying at the edge and in the cloud, the NVIDIA Clara™ Holoscan platform provides powerful hardware and software for building the next generation of medical devices. NVIDIA Clara Holoscan allows companies to explore new AI-powered capabilities, accelerate time to market, and lower development and maintenance costs.


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