DRIVE Map for Self-Driving Vehicles

A Scalable, Multi-Modal Mapping Platform

NVIDIA DRIVE® Map is a multi-modal mapping platform designed to enable the highest levels of autonomy while improving safety. It combines the accuracy of DeepMap survey mapping with the freshness and scale of AI-based crowdsourced mapping. With three localization layers—camera, lidar and radar—DRIVE Map provides the redundancy and versatility the most advanced AI requires and is available to the entire autonomous vehicle industry.

Ground Truth Map Data

DRIVE Map is designed for the highest level of accuracy, the ground truth map engine creates DRIVE Maps using rich sensors—cameras, radars, lidars, and differential GNSS/IMU—with NVIDIA DRIVE Hyperion data collection vehicles. It achieves better than 5 cm accuracy for higher levels of autonomy (L3/L4) in selected environments, such as highways and urban environments.

Crowdsourced Map Data

DRIVE Map is designed for near real-time operation and global scalability. Based on both ground truth and crowdsourced data, it represents the collective memory of millions of vehicles. By leveraging the data stream from DRIVE Hyperion sensor suites and processed by DRIVE Perception software, DRIVE Map contains all required features and semantic information – including dynamic and behavioral information – to enable a safe as well as comfortable driving experience.

Global Coverage

DRIVE Map is designed to support assisted and automated vehicles everywhere in the world. NVIDIA is creating HD maps of major highways in North America, Europe, and Asia—totaling more than 500,000 km. This large-scale HD map will be continuously expanded and updated by millions of passenger vehicles.

Versatile Digital Twins

DRIVE Map is essential for AV development and driving functions, such as perception, localization, prediction, path planning, and control. Details and density depicted in map data make them useful for a variety of applications to simulate and recreate location-specific digital twins. NVIDIA DRIVE Sim on Omniverse can further enhance these map-generated digital twins for different types of applications, such as AV simulation, teleoperation and fleet management simulation.

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